Monday, May 8, 2017

Digital Citizenship

Hello Second Graders,

There are many ways to be good digital citizens. We have learned about this during the year. 

Watch this video to help you to remember to be smart online:

Pause and Think Online

Use your head, your heart, your gut, your arms, and your strong legs!

Think with your head.

  • Keep private information private! 
    • We are careful to not use real names , or only our first name when we play games online.
    • We saw how our address can be used to find where we live on Google maps
  • Keep your passwords private.
    • We keep our Sumdog passwords private, for example.

Feel with your heart.

  • Use clear and respectful language. Be kind!
    • We can practice commenting on respectfully on Seesaw.
    • Only say something online that you would  say in person. Only send images or emojis you wouldn't mind your parents or grandparents or teacher seeing. 
  • Respect other's work online!
    • We are careful not to disturb others' work, like their Pic Collages, when we use our shared iPads.

Listen to your gut.

  • Tell an adult if something makes you uncomfortable
  • Use the back button or the x button to close it
  • Be safe.

Balance with your arms.

  • Turn off your device and play in real life, too. Enjoy nature and your friends and family.

Stand up on your strong legs to be kind and to ask for help from adults. This means be assertive.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Code Boogie!

Lets have some fun with coding before the holidays!

Try helping these elves dance!
Click on this link:

Monday, November 21, 2016


Explore this site from Scholastic and learn all about the first Thanksgiving.  

How was the first Thanksgiving the same as yours? 

How was the first Thanksgiving different from yours?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Get our Fingers Used to Keyboarding!

Let's Get our Fingers Used to typing on the keyboard!
Why learn to touch type?
When you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many people quickly learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. 
The important things to remember are:
■  Use the correct fingers
■  There's no need to rush!
■  Always rest your wrists on the desk.
You should take a rest, and shake your hands and arms to relax your muscles if you get tired.
It's important not to look at your hands when you are learning to type. The best way to ensure that you don't look at your hands is to cover them up - you can make a simple box out of cardboard or wood to cover both the keys and your hands.

Health and Safety

Sit comfortably with your back up straight and your feet on the ground!
Happy typing!

1. Spend about 10 minutes practicing...

Dance Mat Typing

2. Then, play games!

Keyboard Invasion

Typing Zoo

Typing Rocket

Spider Typer

Typing Chef

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Hello Second Graders!

Visit SwitchZoo to create your own animal and learn some facts.  Think up a great name for your animal.  

I wonder what adventures it might have if it were real? 

You write a story in which your animal is a character.  We will print these!